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smartPanels are optimally designed for medium-sized applications. They stand for high usability and connectivity. Equipped with Movicon 11 Standard, the user is practically unrestricted in terms of tags, screens, recipes, alarms, etc.


  • Display size: 4,3”, 7”, 10”
  • 65k colors
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 1000 MHz
  • Interfaces: USB-A, Ethernet, RS232/422/485
  • Memory: 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash (2 GB User memory)

Visualization system Movicon

  • Vector graphics
  • Comprehensive symbols library
  • VBA support
  • Extensive I/O driver library (import of variables from the PLC possible)
  • Powerful alarm and recipe management
  • Data acquisition and handling
  • Trend curves and archiving of process data as historical data
  • Extensive driver library
  • Movicon project scalability from HMI to Scada platform
  • Multilingual support
  • User management
  • Remote management for remote maintenance
  • Remote access via standard VNC client
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP networking
  • Integrated AWL logic (STEP5/STEP7)
  • 3rd Party PLC support
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professional Panels

The VIPA Touch Panel family is suited for all applications in the factory, process and building automation. Due to the aluminum die-cast housing the VIPA Touch Panels are mechanically particularly robust. With the front-side IP65 protection, these devices also survive in harsh industrial environments.

The portfolio ranges from 6.5" TFT up to 12" TFT color display. The compact design allows the use of VIPA Touch Panels also in confined spaces. The panels can be operated either horizontally or vertically.



  • Display size: 6.5” up to 12”
  • Type of display: TFT color
  • Processor: XScale 800 MHz
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, RS422, MPI, PROFIBUS-DP slave, Ethernet RJ45, USB-A, USB-B (depending on type of panel)
  • Memory: already integrated, also with SD, MMC and0 CF card expandable
  • Including VIPA PLCTOOL: (allows upload/download of programms from VIPA- and STEP7 based controls, reading of the diagnosis buffer, as well as start and stop of the connected CPUs without using a programming unit)
  • Including the operating system Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Professional and the visualization system Movicon


Visualization system Movicon

  • Editor for vector graphics with a powerful and attractive library of characters
  • Extensive I/O driver library (import of variables from the PLC possible)
  • Powerful alarm management
  • Multilingual support
  • Interference and operation data acquisition including evaluation possibility
  • Archiving of process data with trend curves
  • Extensive driver library
  • Scalability of the project of basic systems to Movicon Scada platform
  • Multilingual support
  • Save and extensive user management
  • Remote management for projecting and remote maintenance
  • Remote access via standard VNC client possible
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP networking
  • Integrated AWL logic (STEP5/STEP7)
  • Also deployable in combination with many controllers of different manufacturers
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Panels PC

The combination of industrial PC with state of the art performance features and a Touch Panel with ideal display capabilities enables the user to concentrate high performance into the smallest space. The latest Intel Atom processor technology, large integrated work memory and display resolutions of up to Full HD with the 21.5” panel PC are state of the art. The panels have also numerous useful interfaces just like other VIPA Touch Panels. The pre-installed operating systems Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7 are state of the art in the PC world. For visualization your own programs or optionally the latest pre-installed Movicon visualization can be chosen.



  • Display size: 10,1“wide (16:10), 15,6“wide (16:9) und 21,5“ wide (16:9)
  • Display resolution: 1280x800 (10,1"), 1366x768 (15,6“) und 1920x1080 (21,5“)
  • Display type: PCAP, Multitouch
  • Housing: metal
  • Processor: Intel Atom D2550 dualcore@1,86 GHz
  • Interfaces: 2x Ethernet (10/100/1000), 4x USB 2.0, 2x serial (RS232,RS422/RS485), Audio out
  • Memory: work memory 2GB
  • Operating system and user memory: 16GB mit WES7, 2GB mit WEC7
  • Memory card slot: CFast
  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Compact 7 oder Windows Embedded Standard 7
  • Visualization: optional Movicon 11 CE Standard pre-installed


Visualization system Movicon

  • Vector graphics editor with powerful and clear symbol library
  • Comprehensive I/O driver library (variables import from the PLC possible)
  • Efficient alarm management
  • Multi-lingual language support
  • Disturbance and operating data acquisition
  • Archiving process data with trend curves
  • Comprehensive driver library
  • Project scalability of Movicon basic systems to Movicon SCADA platform
  • Secure and comprehensive user management
  • Remote management for project planning and remote maintenance
  • Remote access via standard VCN client possible
  • Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP networking
  • Integrated IL logic (STEP5/STEP7)
  • Also deployable, of course, in combination with many controllers of other producers
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Line Displays

Line displays are used for the operation and monitoring of process parameters in machinery, plant and buildings.


TD 03 – Text Display

The compact Text Display TD 03 shows via a backlit LCD display defined message texts. Inputs and outputs, and process parameters can be set through the membrane keys and changed. The configuration of the messages and the parameter block is performed using the TD-Wizard from VIPA. The menu can be selected in English and German. The text display is designed for use in combination with VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 31x, 51x and the S7-300/400 CPUs designed by Siemens.


OP 03 – Operator Panel

The operator Panel OP 03 is particularly suitable for operating and monitoring of small applications in conjunction with VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 31x, 51x and Siemens S7-300/400 CPUs. Up to seven OPs can be connected to a CPU and up 2 CPUs to an OP 03 via the MPI interface. For managing and processing operating notifications and data, 256 kByte user memory is available. Project planning is carried out with VIPA OP-Manager or Siemens ProTool.


CC 03 – Commander Compact

In the Commander Compact CC 03 a PLC CPU, programmable with Siemens STEP7, is integrated. Besides the 128 kByte user memory, the CPU has 16/24/32 kByte program and 24/32/40 kByte load memory (depending on the version). In addition, 16 digital inputs and outputs each are integrated. The CC 03 is expandable with up to four 100V or 200V modules (160 digital inputs/outputs, or up to 32 analog inputs/outputs respectively are supported).

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