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ArcWorld - compact robot welding stations

15. May 2018

Small, fast, easy to use and profitable. It is the idea behind the design of our range of versatile and removable stations for robot welding. Now we extend the ArcWorld series with a model for one or two welding robots and a light and spacious workplace for the operator.

The ArcWorld series consists of compact robotic cells with everything needed to quickly get started with robotic welding. They only take half as large floor space as a conventional robot solution. The built-in robots with exhaust extraction makes ArcWorld contribute to a better working environment. In almost four years, we have delivered almost 100 robot cells in Sweden and Europe.

Now there is a new model in the range of practical and space-saving robot stations on a platform. With a vertically rotating positioner for fixtures and room for one or two welding robots inside the sheet metal walls, and fixtures up to two meters long. The operator has a permanent, light and spacious working area in front of the robot weldingstation, with material close at hand and lifting devices such as cranes and travers can be used for loading, unloading and fixture replacement.

Many options and accessories make ArcWorld easy to customize according to your needs. Just like the first model with two stations, the brand new ArcWorld is easy to move and relocate.