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Air Grip for the brewery business

03. May 2018

Bottles or multipacks? Or both? For small and medium-sized breweries, it is important to have production lines that are well equipped for rapid changes in demand. With our unique bottle handling equipment along with our Motoman robots, you get this and many other benefits.

Plastic or glass bottles, multipacks, trays and crates can be sorted and lifted at high pace and with high security. Two robots can both work individually, each with their own task, or collaborate to keep up the pace.

Are you in the process of investing in new filling equipment? One single robot with a sorting table may be the ideal next level to achieve a higher productivity and better working conditions in the production.

Air Grip is the name of our patented robot tool for extremely fast and safe handling of plastic and glass bottles. The entire tool is designed for the best possible function and minimal maintenance as the bottles remain safely in their respective holders even at high speed. The Air Grip is also equipped with a clever “safety cross” feature which makes it impossible for the gripper to be dropped by accident.

On the web site we have put together a selection of practical examples of the Air Grip robotic bottle gripper tool and other clever accessories for the brewery business.